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Lumber and Plywood AssembliesLumber and Plywood Assemblies

Splash Box Assemblies, Louver Supports, Fill Hanger Supports

CTR can fabricate components for most OEM towers in the field from hot water basins to louver arm supports. Some of the common components are stocked in both Texas and California. We fabricate hot water basins, pipe saddle supports, walkway components, and tongue & groove fan deck redwood. We have experience in fabricating complex components such as SPX Sigma Splash Box to plywood air seals and eliminator frames with the CNC router. The biggest benefit of our assembly an sshop fabrication is the significant labor cost savings and it is much safer for work to be done inside and at our shops.

Large Inventory of Structural Lumber Plywood

Large Inventory of Structural Plywood

Structural Redwood and Douglas Fir

For over 30 years, CTR has nurtured relationships with lumber and plywood suppliers in California and the Pacific Northwest to guarantee the highest quality wood products for your cooling tower design and repair projects. CTR inventories over one million board feet of structural Redwood, Douglas fir, and plywood at our fabrication facilities in Northern California and Texas. CTR provides treatment certification, assay, and core samples to ensure retention. CTR also performs MOE testing and certified grade stamping on all Structural redwood and Douglas fir members.

Remanufactured Products

Remanufactured Products

Grid decks, redwood and Douglas fir lath

Because we operate our own lumber mill, we are able to recapture downfall from the manufacturing process to make other products. Some of these are lath, expansion joint and FRP filler strips as well as grid decks and splash decks. Call or fax us for pipe supports and water distribution systems and grid decks.

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